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Letras de Canciones Queen Greatest Hists 2

Año de Publicación:

1.-A Kind Of Magic (Taylor)
2.-Under Pressure (Queen/Bowie)
3.-Radio Ga Ga (Taylor)
4.-I Want It All (Queen)
5.-I Want To Break Free (Deacon)
6.-Innuendo (Queen)
7.-It’s A Hard Life (Mercury)
8.-Breakthru (Queen)
9.-Who Wants To Live Forever (May)
10.-Headlong (Queen)
11.-The Miracle (Queen)
12.-I’m Going Slightly Mad (Queen)
13.-The Invisible Man (Queen)
14.-Hammer To Fall (May)
15.-Friends Will Be Friends (Mercury/Deacon)
16.-The Show Must Go On (Queen)
17.-One Vision (Queen)


Letras de Canciones Queen Greatest Hists 2

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